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Next Road

We will show new menus periodically every four months, and we would like to invite Tasting Group Members of various age backgrounds in the same way as customers who save One for the road.

The method is limited to 100 people by an e-mail application, and various benefits are offered to members.

I want to encourage your participation.


The American food culture of the 70s was only a revival period for fast restaurants, but as a result, we became accustomed to obesity and unhealthy eating.

While studying, I was able to experience a variety of food cultures thanks to the chef's experience at Bennigan's, which started as part-time for 7 years. 

Seeing and trying to see the menus also show fast-changing healthy foods.


One for the road wants to relate deeply to the community, so we hope to return one percent of the profits to the community for the development of the community, strive to maintain a better environment, and grow with the community.

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